Tool Transfer Checklist

With 150 years of combined molding experience and a network of strategic tool-building suppliers who understand our machines, we can assist customers in transferring their structural foam, gas-assist, and large high-tonnage injection mold tooling to any of our three locations.

Working alongside your account manager, our customer service, engineering, quality assurance, and process engineering teams will collaborate with you to conduct a comprehensive project review. This review encompasses the evaluation of current tooling, processing information, expectations, and timelines.

Details needed for a successful tool transfer include:


Part Drawing & CAD Model of the Parts


Mold Specifications & Dimensions

→If mold drawings exist, these are helpful
→Mold Set Up Sheet
→Cycle Times
→Cavitation Strategy

Sample Parts


Project Scope Summary

→Material & Color
→Secondary Requirements
→Cycle Times
→Packaging Requirements
→Estimated Annual Units

Quality Concern Triangle


Valid Requirements


Contact Information Details



How we use your transfer details

Using the information provided, we will review the project & provide our estimated pricing to mold parts. If chosen, we will establish a project timeline for critical steps in the program including:

→Receiving purchase orders for part(s)
→Assisting in transferring mold(s)
→Purchasing material

Once the mold(s) arrive, we will evaluate the molds for any modifications or tune-ups the mold may need before the initial sampling or production run. Once the modifications are made or if they aren’t needed, we will be ready to go into productions.

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