Structural Foam Molding Parts Gallery

From parts for consumer goods to components for industrial applications, our structural foam molding services can be found in a wide range of applications. We are suppliers to the consumer outdoor garden industry, business and industrial equipment manufacturers and many others.

Have a look below at a small selection of custom structural foam molded products we’ve helped our customers produce.

Decked Truck Storage System

Decked Pickup Truck Storage System

A comprehensive system produced for the commercial contractor and consumer truck aftermarket. See a case study here about how Miles Products helped bring this product line to life.

Structural Foam Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Casing

Automotive Repair Equipment Casing

Gas assist molded components used to enclose electrical commercial automotive repair equipment.

Structural Foam Voting Machine Case

Voting Machine Outer Case

Durable protective cases for portable electronic devices.

Structural Foam Commercial Truck Shelving

Commercial Truck Shelving System

Rugged modular storage products for commercial vehicles.

Structural Foam Pallets

Industrial Pallets

Structural foam molding is an ideal material for industrial strength reusable products.

Structural Web

Gas Assist / Structural Web

Generator covers produced using the gas assist / structural web process.

Structural Foam Molded Garden Product

Consumer Garden Product

Lightweight, durable, easy to assemble outdoor home and garden product.

Structural Foam Reusable Road Surface

Flooring System Panel

Structural foam panels used with high end astro-turf. Panels are installed on main floor of stadium and then covered with variety or top surfaces needed.

Structural Foam Garden Cart

Garden Tractor Cart

1-piece structural foam molded bed used on a small tractor cart.

Structural Foam Molded Sump Pump Wells

Sump Pump Wells

Well components used in sump pump systems molded in HDPE.


Irrigation System Enclosures

Structural foam is used for various sized parts and components in irrigation product range. Colored lids are installed at ground level and all the other parts below the ground surface.

Structural Foam Pool Wall Parts

Pool Wall Components

Large parts used for in-ground pool wall systems.

Structural Foam Moded Undercarriage Part

Vehicle Protective Panel

Undercarriage protective panel used on off-road vehicle.

Structural Foam Molded Floor Panels

Factory Floor Panels

Heavy duty grates and industrial flooring panel components made from recycled HDPE.

Utilities Housings and Enclosures

Utilities Housings and Enclosures.

Used to house and enclose outdoor commercial electric systems. Super durable glass filled polypro material.

Structural Foam Molded Sump Pump Parts

Sump Pump Parts

Large scale sump pump tanks or wells.

Archetectural Element

Architectural Element

Doorway head well architectural element.

Structural Foam Molded Crate

Knock Down Pallet

Large durable structural foam knock down pallet.

This is just a small sampling of the types of products and components that can be produced with structural foam molding. The superb range of sizes, specifications and materials, along with the strength and durability makes SFM an ideal process to be considered in you product design and development.