Multi-Nozzle Technology

State-of-the-art structural foam molding machines allow us to mold very large plastic parts or run multiple molds on a single machine at the same time. This capability is driven by multi-nozzle technology.

Much like typical injection molding, SFM machines use a reciprocating screw and barrel to inject heated plastic into a tool. This however is where the similarities end. The most obvious difference is the size of the machines themselves. SFM machines are massive and so are the parts and opportunities they provide. Unlike injection molding, SFM uses low pressure, gas-assist and other unique methods to mold components up to 200 lbs. in weight.

With multi-nozzle molding the optimum number of injection nozzles can be located throughout the platen surface. Each is independently controlled producing the perfect fill and better finished product.

Shot size, sequence, open & close time, gas-assist and more is digitally controlled at each individual nozzle. This saves material and time and produces a higher quality product.

Here’s an overview of how multi-nozzle technology works:

Infographic Multi-Nozzle Technology

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