Large Tonnage Injection Molding

Offering the largest injection molding machines in the world, we make custom-designed large plastic parts for our customers

What is large tonnage molding?

Large tonnage injection molding is the same process as traditional high-pressure injection molding, but for larger parts. Our largest machine is an 8,000-ton machine with up to 13’ x 13’ platens to make extremely large parts, with various sizes, shapes, and depths that are only possible with slower, potentially less-accurate (out-of-tolerance) processes.

Parts can weigh up to 325 pounds
Part size up to 160” x 114” or 156” x 118” (at a variety of depths)
Perfect for parts once only possible with sheet metal, fiberglass, rotational molding, or vacuum forming
Production possible in large quantities via single-cavity or multiple-cavity tools

The benefits of large tonnage molding versus rotational molding, fiberglass, or vacuum forming

The production of large plastic parts is the biggest benefit of this plastic molding method. Other forms of plastic molding, while effective, simply cannot match the size, scale, or design requirements offered by large tonnage molding. 

An example – let’s imagine that your company produces plastic garden tool sheds. Most parts have been traditionally made using one or a combination of vacuum forming, blow molding, or rotational molding processes. These processes required parts to be made one at a time, often with expensive secondary requirements.

Using large tonnage injection molding, the process is streamlined and allows for the shed walls & roof to be produced in one machine cycle, either as one piece, or multiple pieces, saving machine time, labor, & material costs.

In addition to large part production, the big platen size is also useful for producing many smaller parts at one timei.e. multiple irrigation channels & grates. With faster cycle times than other methods of plastic molding, large tonnage production enables quicker turnaround times of large quantities of small or large plastic parts.

Our large tonnage molding capabilities

Our large plastic part molding occurs at two of the most comprehensive plants (across three separate campuses) in the United States. The Midwest facility is currently completing a major expansion project, including adding storage space for the large parts, making it one of the largest facilities of its kind in the country. 

All locations offer state-of-the-art equipment and offer the following capabilities:  

  • All presses are robot-equipped and served by overhead cranes up to 125-ton capacity 
  • Ample truck and rail access at both locations 
  • Complete and independent systems for each auxiliary system minimize downtime, including tower water, chiller water, nitrogen, and air. 
  • A total of 32 independent “Weight Scale, Six Component Blender/Loaders” are used for material delivery, each with its own vacuum pump. 
  • x36 raw material storage silos with a total capacity of over 4.5 million pounds. 

List of our high-pressure/large tonnage molding machines

Our manufacturing plants offer the following molding machines:  

  • 85 Ton Cincinnati-Milacron 
  • 375 Ton Cincinnati Milacron 
  • 500 Ton Cincinnati Milacron 
  • 725 Ton Cincinnati-Milacron 
  • 1300 Ton Cincinnati-Milacron 
  • 2300 Ton Cincinnati-Milacron 
  • 2600 Ton Cincinnati-Milacron 
  • 3000 Ton Cincinnati-Milacron 
  • 6750 Ton Cincinnati-Milacron 
  • 8000 Ton Cincinnati-Milacron 

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