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Structural foam molding is unique in the size, strength and versitility it provides. The range of opportunity it brings designers and engineers is just as great.

Along with the Q&As below, we’ve created a Structural Foam Molding Design Guide to help you get the most out of this valuable process.

Commercial Questions

How much does a tool cost?

Impossible to answer without seeing your part design but suffice it to say that tools of this size and complexity are usually many 10s of thousands of dollars. Schedule a consultation with our team to get a quote!

How much does a part cost?

Anywhere between 2x and 5x the material cost.

Do you build tools in China?

No, we are unable to build the type of tools required for structural foam in China.

Who builds the tools?

We will request quotes from several highly qualified tool makers. From those bids we select the best candidate to build your tools. The price of the tools are not marked up. We send them as a straight pass through.

What industries and applications use structural foam molding?

Consumer Outdoor and Marine Products

Structural foam molding allows for high-quality mass production of many products that used to require bulky materials and high amounts of hand assembly work.

  • Drainage Systems – Downspouts, Grates, Underground Reservoirs
  • Deck Floor Boards, Railings, Posts, Baluster
  • Exterior Building Features – Shutters, Fencing, Gates
  • Stair Components
  • Indoor and Outdoor Electrical Enclosures, Protective Barriers, Guards
  • Mailboxes
  • Building and Construction Products
  • Boating and Dock Components

Outdoor Garden Products

  • Decorative Arbors, Lattices, Gates
  • Irrigation System Components
  • Barrels, Pots, Rain Barrels
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Storage Sheds and Storage Boxes
  • Wheelbarrows, Garden Carts
  • Tractor Carts

Pools, Play and Sports Products

  • Pool Panels, Enclosures, Stairs, Slides, Ladders
  • Playsets
  • Sports and Recreation Equipment

Consumer Indoor and Architectural

Techniques such as gas-assisted molding produce plastic parts with smooth, good looking outer surfaces. This allows the manufacture of many products that previously required other more expensive processes.

  • Baby Furniture
  • Shelving
  • Adult Furniture Including Frames and Legs
  • Shower Safety Equipment
  • Tubs
  • Billiard Table Legs and Ball Dispensing Frame
  • Laundry and Storage Bins
  • Architectural Features and Products, Cornices, Covings, etc.

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